Quick & Easy Grunge Tutorial

Start off with a new image 500×100 (works with any size image), press the letter “D” to set colors to default then goto “filter > render > clouds” then “filter > noise > add noise” use settings below.

Now goto “filter > stylize > emboss” use settings below.

Now go to “filter > distort > diffuse glow” use settings below.

Now Duplicate the background Layer, with the duplicated layer selected, goto “filter > artistic > palette knife” use settings below.

Now set your duplicated layer opacity to about 80% then merge together with “ctrl + e”

you should have something like this.

Now go to “select > color range” when the window opens you will see a black rectangle click on it, now click on it a couple of more times in different places, you will notice the image changes, click so you get something simlar to the image below, also change fuzziness to about 50.

This is how my image looks once i pressed ok.

With your selection still selected from the color range, create a new layer and fill with the color black, then press “ctrl + D” to deselect, now select your background layer and press “ctrl + u” when the box opens put a “tick” in the colorize box and play with the sliders until you decide on a color, heres my finished result with some texted added.

Virtual Car Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you how to do your first “virtual car” using simple basic methods the topics we will be covering are,
– Lowering
– Changing the wheels
– Tinting windows
– Adding an intercooler
– Smoothing

If you want to use my image that i am using GET IT HERE.

Right lets get started. Goto “layer > new > background from layer” name your layer “original”
Select your layer and lower your car, ive already written a tutorial on lowering so go find and do my lowering tutorial. Dont make it stupidly low, Once lowered you should have something like this.

Once lowered lets add our new alloys, now im not going to do everything for you so your going to have to find your own alloys. you can find loads of donor images from google. once you have your image select the “pen tool” and draw around the face of the tyre, copy & paste it onto your image. Now more than likely your wheels will be bigger than your original wheels so press “CTRL + T” to transform them, resize them and move them into place like this.

Now duplicate the layer your new wheel is on to make another wheel for the back, press “CTRL + T” to resize and move into place. Once there in there correct postions select your very 1st layer and press “CTRL + E” which will merge them together. You will also notice the tyre hangs over the image so just select your wheels layer and move under your “lowered layer”. you should have something like this.

Now lets tint the windows, select your “pen tool” and draw around your windows.

Then copy and paste to a new layer and label layer “tints” then goto “image > adjustments > brightness/contrast” and change brightness to -30. you should then have something like this.

Now lets add an intercooler, now as i said before your going to have to find your own donor parts.
Select your “lowered layer” and select your “pen tool” and draw around where thee intercooler shall go.

Then hit your “delete key” on the keyboard then with the selection still active make a new layer under your “lowered layer” and label it black, then fill with the color black using the “paint bucket tool”
Cut your intercooler from your donor image then copy & paste it onto a new layer above your “black” layer, name this new layer intercooler. Press “CTRL + T” to resize and rotate into place, you should have something like this.

Now lets do abit of smoothing, ive already wrote a tutorial on smoothing so go find and do my smoothing tutorial then smooth off the door handels and number plate recess on your virtual car, if successful you should have something like this.

Now the next thing to do is touch ups you will notice when we lowered it, it left gaps where the arches are.

Select your “orginal” layer and select your “paint brush” with a smallish brush just paint where the gaps are.
Thats it, hope you enjoyed my tutorial, now go do one on your own, but dont stop there use your imagination, who knows what you can come up with. heres my finished product.

Cartooning Tutorial

To do this tutorial you must have a great understanding of the pen tool, il will not go throu each individual stage and walk you throu every little thing i do, you will be left to your own devices, but will help you the best i can.

Open up the image you want to cartoon, create a new layer and label it “lines” now select the “pen tool” and start drawing around the car do little bits at a time, make sure you get every little detail. when you’ve finished you should have something like this.

Create a new layer and name it “base color” and fill your car with a light greyish color.

Create a new layer and name it “shadows” then select your “pen tool” and select all the shadows then use fill path, fill it with the color black (to see where the shadows should be just hide your base color layer).

Create another layer and name it “highlights” then select your “pen tool” and select all the highlights color them white.

Now if you unhide any hidden layers you should have something like this.

Do the same for your lights, windows, exhausts, tyres, shadows etc… make sure you put them all on seperate layers, eventually you should have something like this.

Copy the “base color” layer and put it under the “highlight” layer but above “shadows” layer. Color the copy of “base color” the color that you want the car to be. By having the color on a separate layer, you can change it later and it won’t affect the shading at all. also play with the opacity of “highlight”, “base color” & “shadows” until you get a look you like this.

Virtual Makeover Tutorial

Firstly lets start with the lips and make them a lush red, select your “pen tool” and draw around the lips. Then copy and paste to a new layer, “CTRL + C then CTRL + V”.

Rename the layer your lips are on to “lips” then goto “image > adjustments > hue/saturation” or press “CTRL + U” use settings below.

Now once the color is applied set your “lips” layer to “softlight” and opacity to about 80% depending on how red you want the lips.

Now create a new layer an name it “blusher”, select your brush tool and select a soft brush with a size of about 100pixels.

Now select your color picker and select a color similar to below.

Now brush the cheeks gently, then set layer mode to “softlight” heres mine.

Now select your pen tool and draw around the eyes like this.

Then copy/paste onto a new layer, select your “burn tool” with a brush size of about 15pixels and just burn around the eyes like this. if its too dark lower the opacity to suit.

Thats it all done. you can also do other things like change hair color and eye color like this.

Black & White Cars Tutorial

Load up your car image and select the “pen tool”, draw around your car but not selecting your windows, grills, lights etc… so basically your just left with a shell. “copy and paste” to a new layer.

With your newly pasted layer selected goto “image > adjustments > desaturate” then goto “image > adjustments > variations” use the settings below.

To make a black car click “darker” about 2 times also marked in red on the image above. (to make your car even darker just click some more times) should have something like below.

As you can see it doesnt look very good so if we goto “image > adjustments > brightness/contrast” and adjust the lightness and contrast, the more you up your contrast the more shiny your paint becomes.

To make a white car open up your variations panel again but click original in the top right corner to reset your layer as it was, then click “lighter” you only need to click this once.

Now goto “image > adjustments > brighness/contrast” and increase the brighness to about +20, you shouldnt need to touch the contrast unless you want to make it more shineyer.

Thats it.

Adjustable Suspension Tutorial

Load up your car image and duplicate your background layer, then Grab the Lasso tool (L) and begin to draw around the car like the pic on the below, as well as going all the way around the top of the picture.

When you are going around the wheel arches with the lasso tool, it is best to make a series of nice small clicks to ensure the wheel arch stays nice and round so make as many clicks as possilble for a realistic look.

Now copy and paste your selection to a new layer “ctrl + c” & “ctrl + v” with your new layer selected press your down key on your keyboard a couple of times depending on how low you want it.

Now you want to make a selection like this just underneath the top of your new layer, you cant see it on my image but if your using an image with a busy background the image is duplicated at the top. just make a selection like mine and goto “image > crop”

your images will then be corrected.! and thats it. just needs some bigger deep dish wheels and some smoothing.

Chameleon Effect Tutorial

Open up your car image and select the “pen tool”, once selected draw around your car, NOT selecting the wheels, lights, windows, grills etc… this will be a lengthy process but you will get there in the end, once you have selected the car make the selection and copy to a new layer, and if you hide your background layer you should have something like this.

Ive done it this way because when we apply the effect we dont want the chameleon paint on the windows, grills etc…. keep your background layer hidden for now. Make a new layer and name it paint one, and then goto the menu at the top and click “select > color range” set fuzziness to about 70 and just click anywhere on your car image then press ok.

Once you have pressed ok you will notice a selection of your car has been highlighted DO NOT DESELECT the selection, now go over to your color pallete and choose your desired color for your 1st paint layer im going to choose a yellow, then fill the selection and set the “layer blending mode” to “overlay”. Then “ctrl” and click on your car image to select the selection but have the paint one layer selected and goto “filter > blur > guassian blur” and blur it by about 5 pixels.

Select your car layer and goto “select > color range” Find a space where your 1st color isnt already and select it press okay. Now create a new layer ontop of all your other layers and name it paint two. Open up your color pallete and select your 2nd color im going to use and orangy color, then fill the selection, set layer overlay and add a guassian blur at 5 pixels. (FOLLOW STEP 3 BUT WITH YOUR 2ND COLOR)

Now do the same for a 3rd, 4th or 5th color depending on how many colors you want (the more colors you have the more your car will be chameleon like following the steps above, and remembering to add the guassian blur and to set the layers to overlay. I normally do between 3-5 colors, im using 4 colors for this tutorial heres my image with the 4th color applied.

once you have finished add your paint just unhide your background layer heres how mine looks and theres a few more examples underneath.

Old Photo Tutorial

Load up your image in photoshop, Then start by clicking on the Create New Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette and, from the pop-up menu, choose Hue/Saturation.

Turn on the Colorize checkbox in the Hue/Saturation dialog, and move the sliders to get the color tint you want, im going to use a light orangey color, my settings are below.

Create a new layer above the background layer and Fill it with white by using the “paint bucket tool”. Then from the Filter menu, choose “Texture > Grain” Change the Grain Type to Vertical and type in 91 for Intensity and 83 for Contrast.

Then change the blend mode of the grain layer to Multiply and opacity to 50% or 60%.

Now click on your background layer and goto “filter > noise > add noise”

You should then have something like below.

Can you see how the 2 images differ?.

Snow/Rain Tutorial

Open up your image you want to add snow to, create a new layer and fill with the color black. Then goto “filter > noise > add noise” use settings below.

Next goto “filter > blur > guassian blur” set radius to about 1.5 pixels.

Now goto “image > adjustments > levels” OR “ctrl + L” use settings below.

Now set your snow layer to “screen mode” heres how your picture should look.

you can also turn your snow into rain just follow steps above after step3 just goto “filter > blur > motion blur” when the window opens adjust angle of the rain and set distance to about 15 pixels depending on how fast you want the rain.

Car Layout Tutorial

Open up your image in photoshop im going to be using a picture of a car, then create a new document “800×600” and copy and paste your image over to your new document. This is how my image looks once pasted.

Now press “ctrl + T” to transform your image, just resize it to a reasonable size, baring in mind you need room for titles, slogans, logos etc…! ive resized mine and also flipped it as i want the car pointing the other way.

Now once your image is set in place highlight the last 1 or 2 pixels in the image and press “ctrl + T”

Then start to drag towards the right of the canvas, drag it right off the canvas, the image proberbly wont stretch right across the first time so just apply it then do the same again until it has been stretched right across the screen.

Now do the same with the bottom part of the image selecting the first 1 or 2 pixels then pressing “ctrl + T” then drag down.

Now you will notice on my image below that there is a big white streak.

To remove this select the eye dropper and select the color of the background, then fill that color on the background layer. Now add a mask to your image and drag a black gradient over the image.

You should then have something like this.

Now lets start to add a few bits and peices, add title, slogon, logo, copyrights etc… try to use some nice looking fonts and be creative. Lets also add our menu bar, im just going to use some text nothing too fancy. We also need to create our content boxes, so by using the “rectangular marquee tool” draw out your content boxes.
Now its just a case of slicing your image up and coding it

heres how it looks. (click for full size)