Car Style Forum Signature Tutorial

Open at least two pictures of your car or cars, then make a new document 600×100 with a white background, im using 2 images from google “jetta R GT”
Now copy and paste your two car pictures into your new document, and resize them to fit like this.

Now select the layer with the 1st picture on it (the picture on the left) and select the rectangular marquee tool, zoom in close and draw a box around the 1st set of pixels like this.

Now with the 1st few pixels selected zoom back out to the actual size, then press “CTRL + T” and drag the picture to the end of the canvas, you might have to do this twice as you might run out of screen, if so just drag it out apply changes and press “CTRL + T” again and drag it out again untill you reach the end of the canvas.

you should then have something like this

Now drag the layer with your 2nd picture on it and drag to the top of your layers pallette so its on top of everything. Now start to cut around the car with the pen tool, ive also drawn around the shadow aswell just to add that little extra touch you should have something like this.

Now we have to delete the background, so with the car still selected press “SHIFT + CTRL + I” this will inverse the selection, then hit the delete key, you should now have something like this.

With the layer still selected change the opacity to about 75%.

Now lets add some text, go grab your text tool and write what ever you want, i normally put my nickname on my sigs, heres mine.

Ive also add some layer effects to my text just to give it that extra kick, just use your imagination, i often just use colors already in the pictures so it all matches.

Now merge all the layers excluding the text layers and add a 1 pixel black inside stroke to the picture to give it a 1 pixel black border (you might need to duplicate the background layer so there is no padlock by the side)

Here is the finished peice.

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