Reflection Tutorial

Open your image you want to add your reflection to, im using a picture of my car you will notice ive already cut the background out and stuck the car onto a gradient background, also rasied the picture a touch to make enough room for reflection. Ive renamed my layers as follows
gradient background = background
my car = car

Once you’ve preped your image duplicate the layer you want to add the reflection to in my case i duplicated the “car layer” ive renamed the new layer reflection, once renamed move underneath the car layer, my layers pallet looks like this.

Vertically flip your reflection layer “edit > transform > flip vertical” then postion it underneath your picture where you think the reflection will be, like this.

Now add a mask to the reflection layer, like this.

Now select the “gradient tool” & set your forground color to black, then in the gradent options box select “forground to transparent”

Now drag the gradient from the bottom of the canvas half way up to the image you should have an image like below.

Now adjust the “opacity” to about 25% depending on how much you want to reflect, thats it all done! now let your imagination go wild.

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