Sketch Tutorial

Open up your image you want to turn into a sketch, im using an image of jessica alba. First thing we need to do is desaturate it do this by press “shift + ctrl +u” or goto “image > adjustments > desaturate”.

Now goto “filter > stylize > find edges”.

Now press “ctrl + L” to open up the levels palette these are the settings im using, but play around with them, also adjust the output settings change the lightness of the image.

and heres mine.

4 thoughts on “Sketch Tutorial”

  1. THat looks very nice! Good Job! Now… My question is, how did you make it look like your final picture? I want mine to look like that!

  2. make sure you have 2 copies of the image,
    one as line art and one as normal,
    put sketch image ontop
    then add a layer mask to it.
    then drag a linear gradient over the top

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