Smoothing Tutorial

Start off with your car image, im using this image of a mini cooper s, first let me show you what were going to smooth, if you look at the image below i have circled in red the items we’ll be smoothing in this tutorial.

First duplicate your original layer then zoom in about 300% on the door handle and select the “clone stamp tool” or press the letter “s” (hotkey) also select a brush size of about 40. Now hold down the “ALT” key and click just at the side of the door handle, see image below.

Now start clicking on the door handle, as you click you will notice that it starts to disapear.

When your done zoom out to see your result, this is how mine turned out.

Now do the same for the other badge and the badge on the front, be sure to select a smaller brush size on smaller area’s.

Now do the same for the badge on the front.

thats it all done, if you get a few messy bits you can try blending them in with the smudge tool.

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