Anime Shading Pt2 Tutorial

Continuing on from part 1 (coloring anime) now il show you how do add the shading. Now remember in anime the light will only come from one direction, so your going to have to think real hard where the shadows might lie. Start off by selecting all the shadow area on the skin. (marked in green).

Now color the selection a slightly darker color than the base color.

Now do the same with the clothes.

Now last but not least the hair.

Thats it all done, hope you’ve learned a few things and dont get all angry if it doesnt go to plan the 1st time it takes alot of practice.

2 thoughts on “Anime Shading Pt2 Tutorial”

  1. Looks good but how did you drawn your selections. The selections that you showed in green color. They are pretty accurate and sharp (not random). I am interested in knowing that step too.


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