Car Wallpaper Tutorial

Create a new document what ever size your wallpaper will be, for the purpose of this tutorial i shall be using a non wallpaper size of 600×440. Select the gradient tool and fill the background with the colors #8b9fa7 & #cee4e9.

Open up your picture of the car you want to use, i shall be using the picture below.

Once open drag your image over to your canvas and resize to the size you want to use.

Select your desired cutting tool and remove the background, ive also kept the shadow underneath the car to save time adding it later.

Once cut out duplicate your car layer then goto “filter > blur > guassian blur” blur by 3pixels then set the layer opacity to 35%. you should have something like this.

Now duplicate your car layer again and drag the layer underneath everything eles but above your background layer. Then goto “edit > transform > flip vertical” place your car under your origain like this.

Now add a layer mask and blend it in abit.

Add your desired text.

Now select the paint brush tool and goto your brush options, you should see a little black arrow click this to rollout another menu and select “assorted brushes” Then select the “crosshatch” brush and add a few sparkles to your image.


8 thoughts on “Car Wallpaper Tutorial”

  1. Hey you guys!

    I´ve been enjoying your website for several times now and I´m shure, i will.
    My question is: Is there a way of learning how to layout stuff, especially print-media without studying media-design? It´s nice to follow your tutorials and copy your ideas, but how can I do things like that on my own? I´m a student so I have loads of time…

    It´d be nice if you took a short time to answer my question.
    Eh, and, I´m not native-english, as you might have already noticed…

  2. 1st of all thank you for your comments, really appreciated, its nice to no that my site is enjoyed and my tutorials are helpfull to be honest i dont really get many comments like that 😉

    2ndly what sort of stuff will you be studying doing media-design???

  3. Hellas!

    Well, after all I´m not studying media, I´m in class 13 at (on?) a highschool. I want to know how to layout stuff, because at the moment I´m working on our graduation-magazine. (Pupil in Germany use to sell a magazine, when they graduate. You know, containing funny quotations, pictures of teachers and so on… ) How can I make it look somehow fancy or “cool”? I do [b]not[/b] study anything at a university and do not want to. I only want to get some help. That´d be pretty cool.

  4. maybe check out other magazines and get some inspiration on how other mags layout there stuff.! to b honest i havent had much experience in magazine design/layout etc…!

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  6. Hi Nappster i think the best way to to do that is to look for inspirations then master professional techniques used by designers and apply those to your own stuff every one on internet is happy to share their techniques with as this site does thanks to the admin

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