Lingerie Layout Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600 with the color #282142, select the rounded rectangle tool and draw out a rectangle at the top of the page leaving space on the left to fit a big image. (see image below).

Add these layer styles to your rectangle.

Now goto google images or your favourite stock photo site and find yourself a picture of a women in some knickers, once you have found her select your favourite cutting tool and cut out. Copy & paste into your layout and place on the left hand side above your rectangle layer.. Heres mine.

To give it that extra look ive also added a drop shadow using the preset settings.

Add your site title and slogan at the top inside your rectangle.

To the right of our title and slogan draw x4 1 pixel lines leaving the same gap in between like this.

This will be our navigation. Firstly lets number our buttons.

Now add your button lables but this time rotate them 90 degrees CCW.

Now add your sections and dividers.

Thats it all done, heres how it could look with some content.

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