Passport Photos Tutorial

In this tutorial im going to show you how to make your own passport photos, OR you could save time and spend £4-£10 getting one done in a naff photo booth.! Couple of advantaged of doing it yourself,

1) Cheaper
2) You can take unlimited amount of pictures of your self
3) You can see the result almost instantly

Firstly in this tutorial i shall not be using a picture of myself 😛 im going to be using an image of a celebrity 🙂

Let’s set about cropping and re-sizing. The required size for a UK passport is exactly W 35mm x H 45mm. (other countries maybe different). Select the crop tool and enter the correct sizes on the Options Bar and enter a resolution of 300 pixels/inch.

Place the crop tool on the image and drag out a cropping marquee to mark the required area. Your crop stays proportional, no matter how large or small your marquee is, the image will always be 35 x 45 mm at 300 dpi. Photoshop will resample the image via the crop tool, so you don’t need to go to Image > Image size to make any alterations. Double click or press Enter to make the crop.

Image after crop has been okayed.

Now for a passport photo to be valid were going to need a white background, so select your prefered cutting tool I.E pen tool or polygonal lasso tool & begin to cut around your shoulders/head & remove the background. (if your image is already on a white background skip this part)

You should be left with something like above. Create a new layer underneath your image and fill it with the color white, then press CTRL + E to merge the layers together.

Okay now goto “file > new” and create a new document with the following settings.

To make our pictures easier to cut out fill the background on your new document with a light grey color. Now drag your portrait from your old document to your new document.

Close your old document and maximize your new document. Now whilst holding the ALT key on the keyboard drag your image to the side. The alt key will duplicate it for you whilst your moving it, do this 4 times.

You only need to 2 pictures for a valid passport but you can use the other to for???…………..

Print your picture using a photo-realistic printer with premium quality gloss paper (no heavier than 180 gsm) – 6 x 4  Photo Paper is ideal. Most printers today (Canon & Epson) guarantee the image for at least 10 years but will last well past the passport’s expiry date. Finally, use a sharp scalpel and steel ruler to trim your pictures (or scissors)

Remember, don’t alter the image in any way, if there is a scar on your chin or lines under your eyes then they must be in the picture too. If you really do look awful in your picture (and don’t we all) then consider having holidays at home.

Important Notice: for UK passports only

The rules for submitting photographs are very strict.  Full details can be found in Information Leaflet IL/02/03 and read Note 12 – Photographs. This leaflet is available from your Post Office or Passport Office.

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  1. Hi really good tips.
    But the photo you did as an example would not be accepted because the face is not the right size in the frame. The exact details are on the Uk passport website.

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