Pre-Site Enter Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600 pixels (or what ever size site your doing). Fill your background layer with a gradient.

Select the “elliptical marquee tool” and draw out a capsule like shape, fill it with the color white.

Apply the following layer styles to your capsule.

You should have something like this.

Create another capsule over the top of the capsule you just made but make it smaller, this will be a little light reflection. Color your capsule white.

Set the opacity to about 20% – 30%.

Then add a layer mask and make it blend in more.

Now lets add some text, type your text then drag your text layer under your light reflection layer (the smaller capsule).

Apply the following layer styles to your text.

You should have something like this.

Duplicate your text layer, flip it vertically and use it as a reflection, if you dont no how to do this, read throu my “reflections tutorial”. The end result is below.

Now duplicate your bigger capsule 4 times, Press “ctrl + t” to free transform them, resize them all making one big one going down in size to a small one. (see image below).

Do the same again but this time place them at the bottom of the capsule.

Thats it all done, now use your imagination and expand the idea into something of your own. Like this.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Site Enter Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for the nice tut but as i am a noob in photoshop so i want to ask a question when i draw
    a capsule from elliptical marquee tool and fill it with white colour than u cant add layer style :S whats the problem? why i am unable to do that?

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