Rockband Layout #2 Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600 with a browny color as your background. Create a new layer, set opacity to 50% and layer mode to “soft light”.

Select a series of grunge brushes and brush randomly onto your new layer. (if you dont have any grunge brushes download some here) Heres how mine looks.

Select your background layer and goto “filter > noise > add noise”.

Now goto “layer > flatten image” to merge the two layers togther. Now were going to add abit of light to our background so head over to our filters and goto “filter > render > lighting effects”.

Your background should look something like this.

Select the “rounded rectangle tool” draw out a rectangle big enough to hold a large title. Once you have made your rectangle make a selection and goto “select > modify > contract” contract the selection by about 8 pixels then hit the delete key. Now press ctrl + T and rotate slighty. you should have something like this.

Type your band name inside the rectangle using a grunge type font. The font im using is “base 02”.Now add these layer styles to both the rectangle and the your text.Your should now have something like this.Now add your navigation, just use the type tool and type your navigation all on one layer.


Add this layer style to your text.

Your navigation should now look like this.

Select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a small long rectangle in the middle of the page, goto “filter > brush strokes > spatter” Put all settings as high as they will go. This will act as our divider and should look like this.

Thats it all done. This is how it could look with some content.

One thought on “Rockband Layout #2 Tutorial”

  1. What do you have as background (fill)?
    I can’t find a color that match with tis site.

    It’s a great tut !

    Grtz Matanza

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