Rocket Tutorial

Create a new document 640×480 then select the “pen tool” and draw out the tail shape, once drawn out use stroke path. heres how mine looks, feel free to use mine as a guide.

Now lets add abit of detail to it like the booster at the back and the small wings, still with the pen tool draw the wings and the booster, fill the booster in black, you should have something like below, yet again feel free to use mine as a guide.

Doesnt look like much now, but will look good when we’ve finished, lets move onto the body, again with the pen tool draw out the body like shape, like this.

Now lets add the wings, just draw triangular shapes, try and imagine how it would look in your mind to get a good visual. heres mine. Where the wings have over lapped the body of the rocket i just rubbed the lines out with a 1 pixel rubber.

Now lets create the nose, with the pen tool just make like a half circle shape.

Next step is add some color, create a new layer and select the “magic wand” tool and select the nose, then fill with the color white, select the body and color it grey and select the tail and color it orange. Making sure the colors are on a sperate layer to the lines we drew. Once you have filled your selections double click on the layer that your lines are on and add a 1 pixel black stroke, you should have something like this.

Looks kind of dull at the minute so lets add some shading, select the pen tool again then draw along half the side of the rocket.

Then make a selection then make a new layer called shadows and fill with a dark grey color (#515151) then set the shadows layer to overlay. you should then have something like this.

Create a new layer called “highlights” then make small selections along the top of the rocket and fill them with the color white.

You should 5 layers in total, heres how my layers pallet looks.

Thats it all done, now just add a few more things to make yours.

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