Simple Page Curl Tutorial

Open up the image you want to add a page curl to, im going to use my car blueprint from a tutorial i recently created.

Duplicate your image layer and add a 2 pixel stroke.

Now goto “layer > merge visable”, your layers should now have gone into one, duplicate your image layer again and goto “edit > transform > warp”, you should then be presented with this.

Take the very bottom right anchor point and drag towards the middle of your image.

Press the enter key on the keyboard once your done. (you might want to have a play with the warp tool as it is a pretty neat tool)

Now add a simple drop shadow to your image layer.

9 thoughts on “Simple Page Curl Tutorial”

  1. i read the blue print tutorial but couldn’t put the curls,its amazing how you’ve made it look so easy,good tutorial and keep it up

  2. @Zech, you got to group all the layers,
    Duplicate the group.
    Right Mouse Click->Merge Group

    Now you have 1 layer, that is normal.
    And a group with everything splitted.

    You can only warp that normal layer, so make sure it’s on top of everything. Then start this tutorial and warp it 😉

    Good luck

  3. i’m using photoshop cs2 and i tried to follow all the procedures you’ve used bt at the end that stroke stays at the bottom of the curled page,any idea as to where i get it wrong?

  4. Ah i merged the layers with a blank layer so the stroke would stay present.! just add a stroke then hide all the other layers, then merge with a blank layer. hope this helps.

  5. Finally… again an explanation on how to do something that I have thought was cool for so long…

    All we could do with now is a tutorial on how to place this into a website (don’t have a link)…

    What I mean is usually in the top right/left hand corner they have a little curl like this which when you hover over it rolls down a bit to reveal something behind. Any ideas on how to do this mate?

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