Simplistic Orbs Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600, Choose a dark colored background ive choosen this as mine.

Select your “elliptical marquee tool” and draw out a circle (size depends on how big you want the orb).

Now add these layer styles. Change the colors to some colors of your choice to suit your design etc…

You should have something like this.

Now select your “elliptical marquee tool” once again and draw out a “white circle”.

Set opacity to about 20%, then add a layer mask. Mask the white circle so it blends in nicely.

Do the same again following the steps above, adding another bigger circle at the top and a smaller one at the bottom also setting the opacity to suit. You should end up with this.

Thats it all done a nice simple orb, all thats left is to add a logo of some sort. Heres a few i done earlier.

5 thoughts on “Simplistic Orbs Tutorial”

  1. no the tutorial is too simple to provide a psd.. il be providing psds to some of my other tutorials, check back again at a later date

  2. to add a layer mask goto your layers pallet at the very bottom there are some icons click the 3rd one across, looks like a square with a circle inside it.! then select the gradient tool and drag a gradient over what ever layer you added the mask too.! you’ll see how it works 😉 hope this helps

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