Userbar Tutorial

Create a new document 350×19 pixels, fill the background with a gradient of your choice.

Now we need to make a scanline pattern, to do this goto file new and create a new document 3×3 pixels, zoom in 1600%.

Now select the “pencil tool” with a “1 pixel brush” and draw a diagnal line like so.

Then goto “edit > define pattern”, click ok when the box pops up.

Back to your userbar, create a new layer then click your paint bucket tool. At the top of the screen in the paint bucket tool bar, change forground to pattern.

Then click the little arrow and select your pattern that we created in step 1.

Fill your new layer with your pattern and set opacity to 25%.

Search yahoo for a font called “vistor tt1 BRK”. Once you have your font type out your text (size 10), ive chosen to make a photoshop userbar. Ive also added some styles to my text which consists of a 1 pixel white stroke and a drop shadow.

Next add your logo.

Now select the “elliptical marquee tool” and make a selection like so.

Create a new layer and fill with the color white also set opacity to 25%. This is the final image.

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