Vista Folder Icon Tutorial

Create a new document 400×400 pixels with any background color, im using a dark grey color as my background, something easy on the eyes. (#383838). Select the rectangle tool and draw out a rectangle, apply these layer styles.

You should be left with something like this.

Now goto “edit > transform > distort”, distort the rectangle like this.

Duplicate the layer then move the original layer over 1 or 2 pixels.

Duplicate the layer once again, and goto “edit > transform > distort”, distort and move it into postion (see image below).

Duplicate the layer again and move the rectangle over 1 or 2 pixels.

You should have something like above. Dont worry about the jagged lines as we’l tidy them up later. Now you should have 4 layers what we need to do now is merge them into 2 layers, so hide ALL your layer apart from the 2 sides on the left.

Then goto “layer > merge visable” do the same with the other side but remember to hide all the other layers. you should now have 3 layers, background layer the left panel and the right panel. Zoom in on the corners of your box, select the pencil tool and the color white and begin to join the corners.

When your done you should have something like this.

Tidy up the rough edges with a 1 pixel rubber.

Now select the ellipticial tool and on a new layer above all the others creare a white circle, once you have your white circle click your left panel layer to make a selection but make sure your white cirlce layer is selected.

And goto “select > inverse” and hit the delete key on the keyboard. Set the opacity of the white cirlce to about 20-50%. Do the same to the other side of the panel, but this time set the opacity to 10%.

Now set the left panels opacity to 75% to allow the images beneath it to be seen throu. Now just add your icons here’s a quick few ive made.

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