CD & CD Jewel Case Tutorial

Create a new document 600×350 pixels with a background color of #232426. Select the rounded rectangle tool and create a box to the right of the canvas fill with the color #d2c79a.

Add these layer styles to your box.

Your image should now look like this.

Duplicate your box and move it over to the left, placing them side by side.

Now create a egg shape with the “elliptical marquee tool” fill with any color, place the shape similar to the image below.

Now we need to select our egg shape layer whilst holding down the ctrl button to make a selection, click our left rounded rectangle layer and hit the delete key, hide your egg shape layer for later use. Your image should now look like this.

Now create a new layer underneath your “TWO” rounded box layers, select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a square behind your left box fill with the color white.

Set the white boxes layer opacity to around 8%. Now create a new layer above your white box layer, select the “polygonal lasso tool” and draw this shape at the top of the right rounded box. (see image below).

The color i used for the shape is #989070. Duplicate and flip your shape and place at the bottom of your box, also add a small drop shadow.

Now create another layer above your rounded boxes, goto your custom shapes libary and select this shape.

Draw out the shape inside one of your boxes, fill with the color #c7bd93.

Duplicate the shape layer and move across so it matches in the other box.

You will notice the shape on the 2nd box overlaps where you cut out the egg shape. Repeat the steps at the begining of the tutorial using the egg shape to remove the shape from overlapping. For this next step you will need some grunge brushes, using the color #938b75 randomally add some grunge effects to one side of the case. Set the layer opacity to 38% and blending mode to difference. You should have something like this.

Duplicate your grunge so it matches on the opposite side. Again you will have to use your egg shape where the grunge overlaps.

Now its time for our cd, Draw out a circle on the right side of you box fill with the color #8d512d.

Now add these layer effects.

You should have something like this.

Now find a picture of some sort, this could be a picture of band or a logo, place it over the cd and set the layer mode to linear dodge and opacity to 20%. Also add 2 cirlces in the middle of your cd, the smallest one being black and the biggest one being white, set the white circles opacity to 20%. You should end up with this.

Also add some text to your cd and a white band going around the edge. The font i used for the text is “base02”.

Thats it all done, Now build the case up abit more by adding a few extras here and there.

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  1. rarely used custom shapes, that one does not appear to be in my CS3 Photoshop or in the goodies folder. Anywhere I can download those from?

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