The Suicide Note!

Now before we start this tutorial you are going to need a few things,
Concrete texture,
Picture of a knife,
Grunge brushes,
Blood brushes,
Coffee stains brushes.

All these items are available to download aswell as the original PSD.

Create a new document 750 x 970 pixels, load up your concrete texture and apply it to the canvas. Some resizing may be required.

Create a new layer above concrete texture, select the “rectangular marquee tool” and draw out a rectangle label this layer “paper” fill with the color white. Select the lasso tool and start to create the jagged edges on your paper.

Once you the selection has been made goto “select > inverse” then hit the “delete key” on the keyboard. Now press “ctrl + T” and rotate the paper slightly. You will then be left with this.

Now control click your paper layer to make a selection, press “ctrl + c” to copy, now goto file new and press ok. The reason why we copied the selection was to get the same dimensions as the paper, photoshop has a neat trick where it auto inputs the size of what ever has been copied to the clipboard. Now select the color black & a light grey, select the gradient tool, change gradient options to.

Now just keep draging the gradient over the canvas, time and time again untill you get something like this.

Now goto “filter > stylize > emboss” you should have something like this.

Now duplicate your background layer, then control click your duplicated layer and press “ctrl + c” to copy. Close this window and go back to your suicide not document. Your paper should still be selected so go straight to the top a goto “edit > paste into”.

You will notice a new layer has been created, set the blending mode to hard light. Now the outcome on everyones work shall be different depending on angle of gradients and how many you did. The effect we are achieving is to add wrinkles to our paper. Heres mine. (althou hardly noticable).

Double click your paper layer and add the following layer styles.

Your paper should now look like this.

Hopefully you’ve installed your grunges brushes and no how to load them. Select a few random brushes and on a new layer add some grunge, set layer opacity to around 52%, i used a grey color for my grunge. Also set your papers layer opacity to about 95% the concrete texture underneath will aslo add to the effect. Heres mine.

Select the color #ccbd8f or a darker version of it, select your coffee stain brushes and add some coffee stains to your paper.

Now add your suicide text, i used a suicide note generator i found on google. Feel free to have a read. (font is SF Scribbled Sans)

On a new layer, using the color red add some blood splatts onto your page, only do one or two depending how grusome you want it too look. Set layer blending mode to overlay. Also on another new layer add some more blood around the page, set this layer mode to “multiply” and adjust opacity to suite.

Now open up your knife (included in zip file) if you dont want to use a knife feel free to use something eles, infact it would be nice to see what you guys and come up with 😉 maybe some pills or a gun or maybe a chainsaw lol. Remove the background from your knife and add it to the canvas, rotate and resize using the free transform tool to suit.

Add a drop shadow to your knife.

And finally add some blood to your knife for that extra touch. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for reading.

Funky Wallpapers

Create a new document what ever size your wallpaper will be, i shall be using 1024×768 for the purpose of this tutorial. Fill your background with a linear gradient using the colors of your choice, i find it best to use the eye dropper and select a color from your main object. The colors im using are #691e35 and #c93663.

Now create a new layer and label this “lines”. With adobe photoshop there are loads of free custom shapes and one in particular will suit this tutorial for the effect we want to achieve, instead of create loads of seperate lines will shall use this shape. (see image below). To get to your custom shapes click and hold on the icon under your “type tool” then select custom shapes.

If you dont see any shapes click the “little black arrow” and goto “all”, scroll down and find the shape, once selected drag it out as big as you, the bigger the better. Then select the pen tool, right click the shape and goto fill path, then right click once more and goto delete path. If the shape isnt the color you wanted just add a color overlay in the layer styles. Set opacity to 20% and blending mode to overlay.

Now find a picture you want to use as a center peice for your wallpaper, i shall be using this audi (FULL CREDIT GOING TO AUTHOR Norder Creations) <— check his deviantart. Place your object in my case the audi into the center of the canvas.

Cut out the background the best you can so you are left with just the object.

Now for this part you are going to need some:
*tech brushes*
*splatter brushes*
all of which can be downloaded for free from HERE

Select your splatter brushes and a color that best fits in with your wallpaper. Now dont go mental just add a few splatters here and there, im going to use 2 colors picked off the audi with the eye dropper tool.

Now begin to add some tech brushes, again dont go mad as it will look too messy. Lower the opacity of your brushes to about 20-30%.

In your custom shapes you will also notice there are many other shapes you can use, like…… some arrows.

Keep adding little different things to build up the image. Most of the stuff i have used has been duplicated/rotated and replaced somewhere eles.

Maybe add abit of text with some simple layer styles.

Towards the end of your creation you could maybe add some sparkles. There are many pre-made brushes in photoshop you could use, there are some sparkles under “assorted brushes”. Add some sparkles and add a simple outer glow for that little extra touch.

Thanks for reading.

NFS Pro Street, Stencil Tutorial

Create a new document your prefered size im using 530×200 pixels, start off with a black background. Select the “rounded rectangle tool” and draw out a rectangle similar to below.

Fill with the color #bcdf4f and add a 4 pixel black “stroke” (you wont actually see the stroke at this time, obviously).

Now goto “edit > transform > distort”, select the left middle anchor point and drag downwards, you should have something like this.

Select the type tool and add your text, the font i am using is called “mactype”, color the 1st word white and 2nd word black. Right click your text layer(s) and goto “rasterize” then do the same as above “edit > transform > distort”, and distort to the same angle as your rectangle.

Now “hide” your background layer and make a selection like this.

Copy & paste to a new layer. Add the 4 pixel black stroke to the new shape and also a black color overlay. Align the shape with your green one, you should have something like this.

Using your prefered cutting tool cut off the end of your black side rectangle.

Restore your background layer, then create a new layer above it (under everything eles) goto your paint brush tool, then at the top (1)open up your brush pallet, select the little (2)black arrow and select dry media. If you cant see the set of dry media brushes select load brushes (3).

Once you’ve clicked dry media brushes, select the very bottom brush with its original size. (number 4 on the image above). Now with the color #bde050 start to spray around your rectangle.

Create a new layer and add a darker shade of green. Try and mix it in with the ligher green.

Then do the same as above but using the color white.

You can adjust the colors opacity if you wish to add abit more detail, on mine my darker green is set to 53%.
Now repeat the above steps, but only this time add your layers above your text layers. When you’ve finshed you should have something similar to this.