Funky/Grungy Dj/Music Layout

Create a new document 900×900 pixels with a background color of #262626, With a groovy font (font is used “bleeding cowboys”) of your choice add some text, when adding the text try and use a range of sizes and angles. The colors i used for the text are white, #d90056 and #9abb16. Once you have written and placed your text add a “6 pixel black stroke”. You should have something similar to this.

For this next part you may want to download some grunge brushes and circle brushes. (included in PSD) Alternatively make your own. Select your circle brushes and add some cirlces around your text, again add a 6 pixel black stroke.

Now add a logo for yourself, maybe some DJ decks or something like that.

Now selec the pen tool and make a selection similar to the picture below. The idea is to fill the background behind the text and images.

Fill with the color black.

Select the color black along with some grunge brushes, add some grunge text behind the text and logo. Now select the rectangular marquee tool and create a big horizontal rectangle across the canvas behind the logo and text. Fill with a linear gradient using to shades of grey. Now added these layer styles.

You should end up with something like this.

Now create a 45 degree line pattern or industrial lines even and fill over the top of your rectangle, set layer opacity to 6% and blending mode to soft light. If you dont no how to create the pattern you can use a different pattern or you can download the PSD which contains the pattern file. Would be a go time to also add some navigation text.

Now its time to create our content boxes, select the rounded rectangle tool and create these boxes as follows. (next image is an animated .GIF so watch closely).

Once you have all your content boxes in place add your content.

5 thoughts on “Funky/Grungy Dj/Music Layout”

  1. ^^I think your a bad example of good hater, you started to hate but finished soft.

    Good Layout

  2. Not bad, i think it will look good imported into flash with some background music and animation.
    Good work!.

  3. @ImQo, I think you’re a good example of a bad elitist. The author wasn’t telling you to go out and design exactly like that, you were supposed to take from it different techniques used to design a layout and apply your own knowledge and imignation to it. You are a prime example of whats wrong with the world of graphic design today, how about seeing some of your work, then we can all judge. Take your elitist atitude and GTFO.

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