Portfolio Layout #4

Create a new document 900×800, fill your background layer with a linear gradient using the colors #1f1f1f & #000000. Create a new layer above your background layer and label it “pattern” Create a new document 4x4pixels with a transparent background. Select the pencil tool with a 1pixel brush size. Zoom in 1600% and create these markings.

Now goto “edit > define pattern” save your pattern and return back to your orginal canvas. Select the fill tool, then at the top change from “forground” to “pattern”, select your pattern in the box next to this option. Fill your “pattern” layer with your pattern.

Now select the rectangle marquee tool and draw a rectangle the whole length of the canvas but only about 70 or so pixels wide. Fill with a linear gradient using light grey. Add this drop shadow.

Now over the top of this rectangle create another smaller rectangle using the colors #fe1176 & #ff056c and the linear gradient tool. Also add your portfolio text.

Now select the rounded rectangle tool, at the top of the canvas create a small naviagtion bar, add these layer styles to your naviagtion.

You should have something like this.

Now using the rectangle and circle marquee tools and the layer mask tool add two highlights over the naviagtion. Would also be a good time to add our naviagtion text.

Now select the rounded rectangle tool and create a box under your navigation box, add the same layers styles as your navigation.

Now add your content box title. The colors i used were white, #8fc101 and #ff066d.

Now duplicate the pink and green text, right click the duplicated layer and goto “rasterize”. Drag your duplicated layer underneath your orginal layer then goto “edit > transform > flip vertically”. Place the text underneath so it resembles a reflection. Add a layer mask and drag a linear gradient over the top.

Now add your content box content.

Repeat the above steps for every other content box you create.

You should have something similar to this.

You may download this layout as a “PSD” or “FULL CSS TEMPLATE” by using the buttons at the top of this page.

36 thoughts on “Portfolio Layout #4”

  1. well you can download the CSS template, just click “download css” button at the top, OR download PSD if you want to code it yourself

  2. well all’s you need to know is CSS and html, learn those 1st and your onto a winner. the program id recommend is dreamweaver. but you’l need some coding knowledge to code the layout. there is a tutorial on my site using my car layout as an example check the “CSS/HTML” category

  3. I know. But I dont want to bought it. Cause I’m not in trust with buying things on the web. Sorry.

    But really nice and good tutorials over all.

  4. I tried this out and added my own tweaks to the layout, thanks for the inspiration, I had a pretty nasty case of creative block! Look for a preview on my deviant art page later.

  5. wow. I’m too lazy to read the comments where you answered “shoom vertical”. ๐Ÿ™

    Awesome tutorial though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. What font did you use for the bar at the top and the bar at the side?
    i really want those fonts if you could say that would be great!

  7. Hello,

    I have a question ADMIN.

    If I follow your tutorial and create this layout myself, it would not be against the law to sell it/use it/give it away, right?


  8. Right cool, also i sent you an e-mail about myself, having a go at this, i failed misrebly, sent the e-mail to webmaster@hv-designs.com or something like that, there is a link which i would like you to look at and tell me what the hell went wrong!

    Kind regards.


  9. @ jelle

    ALL WORK is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

    you are FREE TO:
    to copy, display, and perform the work

    You must give the original author credit, You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

    Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.

    AND you MAY NOT sell the work.

  10. In addition to Jelle’s question: I don’t understand the license. If I go to the library and get a book on how to sponge paint my walls and then I do it, when I sell my house I don’t have to say the author’s name of the technique on the walls.

    If I do the tutorial and I create the web template, why do I have to have your permission to sell the template on my site, and why can’t I put my own personality in addition to the “standard technique”? This is very confusing.

    Thanks from a newbie.

  11. You are free to sell your own template, but if its identical to mine, then your going to run into trouble.

    My tutorials teach you ways on how to create certain things. Once you’ve learned the ways then you should be able to go away and create something of your own. if you make something exactly the same as mine then you decide to sell it, then in theory your selling something that i orginally created.

    If you make this template and its exactly the same as mine and you want to use it (e.g. to use as your portfolio website), then you can. But you must give the orginal author (ME), credit.

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