Portfolio Layout #6

Create a new document 850×850 pixels, fill your background with the color #1b1b1b. Select the rectangular marquee tool and create a box the width of the canvas, fill with the color black for now.

Add these layer styles to your rectangle.

Your rectangle should now look like this.

Add your header title using the colors #adc203 and #424242.

Now add your navigation text to the right of your text using a smallish font size.

Above your text add a small icon to represent that section, all the icons i used are from the custom shapes libary.

Add these layer styles to each of the icons.

Now draw a square over each of the icons and text. (i have done each square seperatly, the image below is just to show the widths of each square)

Once you have drawn all the squares fill them white then merge them all together, set the layer opacity to 5%. Then add a layer mask and drag a reflected gradient over the top to blend in the top and bottom edges. Your end result should look like this.

The next steps are optional, duplicate your header title text and flip vertically drag the duplicated text under it to act like a mirror then add a layer mask to produce a reflection. Also if you make a diagnol line pattern (included in PSD) then add some diagnol lines to your header.

Now select the rounded rectangle tool with a radius of 10pixels draw out a small rectangle.

Add these layer styles.

Now using the same tool add a small square (hold shift while dragging with the mouse to produce a perfect square.)

Add these layer styles to your square.

Now duplicate your home icon and drag it into the center of your square, also add your content title. Select the elliptical marquee tool and create a white circle that overlaps your icon, ctrl + click your icon while the white circle layer is selected, goto “select > inverse” and hit the delete key set opacity to 25% and you’l be left with a simple shine over your icon. (do the same with your content title box using the polygonal lasso tool).

Now select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a rectangle underneath your icon.

Add these layer styles to your rectangle.

Finally set layer opacity to 24%. Follow the above steps for your other content boxes and footer.

Now add your content to each section.


Layout inspired by “carl”

48 thoughts on “Portfolio Layout #6”

  1. Nice man! I am searching designs for my own homepage and here I get a lot of good impressions. Maybe you could also do some CSS tutorials especially for handsome designs like this. Great job guy!

  2. WOW… very nice one man! really impressive.
    too bad i dont have any websites that need refeshment… but otherwise this one would on the top of my list 😀

    Good luck on the updating 😉

  3. This is cool! yet another great tutorial. Don’t know why you haven’t written a book on web design with a selection of some of these layouts. You would make a mint!!!

  4. Good, nice with the effective looks of the icons. Nicely layout contents. Keep up the good work. Always keep in touch

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial, I might base parts of my next design on this tutorial! 😀

  6. Sorry but this is barely working for me. How is the #020203 and #333333 supposed to show up on the black background? You can’t even see anything. Also, some of the colour settings aren’t shown, for example on the stroke for the rounded rectangles.

    Other than that the tut is going ok, making my way through, although slowly.

  7. i use an LCD HD flatscreen widescreen monitor, i surpose my colors must be much richer. nothing i can do, sorry.

  8. I would love to complete this tutorial but I’m unable proceed after the “Now draw a square over each of the icons and text” -part.
    I draw the squares (OK), fill them with white color (OK) (PS asks to rasterize before filling them), merge layers (OK)and then add the opacity. After opacity setting I’m unable to see my icons. Any ideas?

  9. you filling the squares on the text layer.

    create a new layer above the text layer 1st, fill with the color white. only merge the white squares together, then lower the opacity of the squares, hope this helps

  10. this site is very fine ..i really like this site…u r great my dear freind….thanx
    and always make as this site ….ahead nothing…{..od bless you..}

  11. im really new at these template stuff and this maybe a stupid question
    that layout is reallly nice, but how do we put that in a blog or website? i mean that is just a pic right? no links work..

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  13. this is perfect tutorial and very comprehensive. i’m a new webdeloper. i used your template for my first release. thank you very much. i owe you a lot. please email me if you have comments and suggestions. thanks.

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