LG LCD Monitor Icon

Create a new document 400×400 pixels, fill your background with the color #212529. Select the rectangular marquee tool and draw out a rectangle Fill with the color white, then add these layer styles.

You should have something like this.

Now create another rectangle but alittle bit smaller, fill with the color black.

Do the same again but make it a tiny bit smaller, fill with the color white and then add these layer styles to it.

You should have something like this.

Now select the rectangular marquee tool once again and create 2 white squares these will be our buttons, also select the elliptical marquee tool and create a white circle, this will act as the monitors little badge.

Now select ALL layers part from the background layer, then goto “edit > transform > distort” OR “edit > transform > perspective”, i find distort is better as it gives you more control over the angle etc…, slightly change the perspective like so.

Now with the pen tool draw a shape like the image below, fill it with the color white underneath your blue screen layer.

While your white shapes layer is selected ctrl + click on your black screen layer, then goto “select > inverse” then hit the delete key, you should be left with a shape inside your black screen, set the opacity to 16%.

Repeat the over steps for your blue screen, only this time do it twice in the opposite drections.

You should have something like this.

Now click your monitor layer (the grey box) whilst holding the ALT key on the keyboard and press the left arrow key a couple of times, this will duplicate the layer and move it 1 pixel to the left with each press, do it 10-20 times depending on how thick you want your monitor to be. Once you have finished HIDE ALL layers apart from your duplicated layers you just done, then goto “layer > merge visable”. Unhide all your other layers then drag your merged layers behind the monitor layer (the grey box). You should have something like this.

Now under ALL of your monitor layers select the elliptical marquee tool and create a circle like so.

Fill with the color white then copy/paste your monitor layers styles (the grey box) to your circle. This will act as our stand. (you might need to adjust perspective slightly).

Now with the pen tool and a 1 pixel white brush, create 2 sets of lines (marked in red on image below).

Next create 3 circles (see image below).

fill with the color white, then goto “filter > blur > guassian blur”. Blur by about 6-7 pixels.

Now finally with the pen tool create a selection like the image below.

Fill with the color black and set layer opacity to about 17%, make sure the layer is above your stand and below everything eles in your layers panel. Thats it all done.

34 thoughts on “LG LCD Monitor Icon”

  1. Not bad, quite simple.

    I like the shine at the end with the white line and the blur bits.

  2. This is one of the best tutorials I ever seen. It’s well explained, and really good outcome. Thank you so much for this tutorial.


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