Custom Hard Drive Icon

Create a new document 600×460 pixels with your desired background, create a new layer called “hd_top” select the rounded rectangle tool, once you have the rounded rectangle selected we need to change a few options, change the selection type to “shape layers” and change “radius” to 20 pixels.

Select the color black then drag out your rectangle whilst holding down the shift key, this will ensure we get a nice even square. Goto “edit > transform > perspective” drag the top right or left anchor point inwards untill you have a look like this.

The rectangle we just created will be the top of our hard drive so lets give it abit of depth and add these layer styles.

The gradient overlay is not really important you can change that to any color you like. You should now have something like this.

Duplicate your layer “hd_top” then drag the new layer underneath its orginal, right click it and goto “clear layer styles” now add a color overlay using the color “#5e5e5e”. Name this layer “hd_middle” then move it down a couple of times.

Duplicate the “hd_top” layer then right click and clear the layer styles. Now whilst holding the “ALT” key on the keyboard press the down arrow key about 40-42 times. Now doing this will create 40-42 new layers and with each press of the down arrow key it shifts it down 1 pixel. HIDE all layers apart from the ones you just duplicated, then goto “layer > merge visable” the 40-42 layers should now have been merged into one layer, unhide all your other items then drag the layer underneath “hd_middle”. Name this new layer “hd_bottom”.

Now add these layer styles to “hd_bottom”.

You should be left with this.

Now we have our basic shape for our hard drive, now its time to dress it up with some extras, firstly create a new layer above “hd_top” called “hd_shine” select the pen tool and create a selection like this.

Fill the selection with the color white then set layer opacity to about 15%.

Now were going to make the indent in the top of our hard drive, duplicate “hd_top” then press “CTRL + T” now whilst holding down the shift key resize it and place in the middle of the hard drive. rename this layer “hd_indent”.

Add this inner shadow to your indent shape.

Now set layer blending mode to “lighten”, your indent layer should now look like this.

Select the rectangular marquee tool and create 2 small squares, make sure the two squares are on seperate layers labelled “light 1 on” and “light 2 off”.

Add these layer styles to your “light 1 on” layer.

Add these layer styles to your “light 2 off” layer.

You should now have something like this.

Now create a long rectangle in the middle, and a small square on the right. Add these layer styles to these two items.

On the small square change the color overlay to white, you should have something like this.

Inside the long rectangle add a 1 pixel yellow line then add a 2 pixel dark grey line using the rectangular marquee tool. In the small white box add 4 dots. (see image below).

To finish the icon add a simple name for your hard drive.

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  1. Always great tutorials here at HV-designs made a couple of them and just love them. Can’t wait for more:)

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