*IMPORTANT* Please Read

Welcome to the new hv-designs, as you can see the whole site has had a make over. BIG THANK YOU TO kriesi Id just like to tell you about some of the new features and up coming features on the site.

Firstly you will notice the site has some cool jquery effects. If you hover over a thumbnail or a link you get a tooltip overlay image pop up.

If you click on the search button and archives button at the top in the header you will notice some cool effects, the search button and field shoots into place, and the archives button when clicked brings down a big panel.

The sidebar has had a makeover, it is now grouped into a tabbed interface. If you look carefully there is also a login box now.

If you register with hv-designs (free of charge of course) then you can add tutorials that are relivant to you, it puts them in a list in the sidebar for easy access. If you join up and login you will see the thumbnails have little plus icons.

When you click the icon it adds the tutorial or post into the sidebar.

This is the only feature for logged in users at the moment, but im currently working at adding more features such as free downloads and free PSD’s.

Thats all from me 🙂 thanks for reading, have a good nose around the site, and please report any bugs if you find any.

Many Thanks

Users who have signed up before 10/11/08 must re-sign up due to some technical difficulties.

17 thoughts on “*IMPORTANT* Please Read”

  1. @ fro_Ost

    Same thing has happened to me. Not quite sure why but i think i have an idea. Here is a screen shot of the main error message:

    Now, the active url when brought to that page is:

    Not to familiar with wordpress so i can’t say if that is the issue or not.

    @ Richard

    There seems to be a problem when registering. I decided to use my work email (website) and it didn’t seem to like it much. I have yet to receive the email so i went ahead and used my normal email with another username. I realize that when a site takes an overhaul there are kinks made 😀 Good luck from here on out Richard. And congrats on the really quick remodeling.

  2. im looking into the problem, was working fine before….. ive disabled the login/registering for now but will be back up soon when its fixed. thx for pointing this out!

  3. okay, ive sorted it. but everyone must RE-JOIN who has joined already. You will now also be taken to a profile page where as you can change your password and add some details about yourself.

    logging in from the sidebar shouldnt be a problem, everything should be hunky dory

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