Simplistic Multi-Tags Icon

Create a new document any size with any background color, select the rounded rectangle change the radius to 10 pixels.

Draw out a thin rectangle in any color, then goto “edit > transfrom > rotate” rotate it very slightly. Once you’ve rotated it added these layer styles and set opacity to 85%.

You should have something like this.

Select the elliptical marquee tool and create a selection like this.

Fill the selection with the color white, whilst holding the CTRL key on the keyboard click your blue tab layer. Goto “select > inverse” then hit the delete key. Set layer opacity to 12% and add a layer mask. Drag a linear gradient from the bottom towards the top.

Select the elliptical marquee tool once more and create a circle in the top left side of the tag.

Finished the step by adding this gradient overlay to the circle.

Add some content to your 1st tag like the image below.

Create more rectangles underneath your main tag. Use the following layer styles for each tag. Remember to rotate each rectangle slightly, use the circle we created previously as a pivit point.

You should have something like this.

On each tag add something different, ive chosen some text, photoshop icons and the hv-designs logo.

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  1. Nice tutorial man…by the way i have a blog on mobile phones, can you share some tutorials on how i can make a attractive header using Gimp. I will be thankful.

  2. I love your site, I only came across it from tutorialized. I wish I could make a great site like yours with all the javascript and css. Please help me. lol. Love it! Great Content!

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