1st EVER Competition

Welcome to the 1st EVER competition hosted on hv-designs

*Please Note* The competition is pointless and just for fun, although for everyones efforts there is a prize for one lucky participator.

Be the first person to post the 100th comment


The Prizes:
5 PSD Files from the hv-designs online shop, chosen by the winner
1 CSS Template from the hv-designs online shop, chosen by the winner


The Rules:
There can only be one winner
NO Spamming
No posting under different names (il be checking)
Persons must use a valid e-mail address, failure to do so will result in no prize
There has to be a comment infront of yours before posting again
All comments must be photoshop related

There will be a more serious competition soon.

52 thoughts on “1st EVER Competition”

  1. Il start

    Mess something up? Hit Ctrl + Z. Need to go back two or more steps? Then hit Ctrl + Alt + Z. These hotkeys are a very useful combo.

  2. Hold down the spacebar while using any tool in Photoshop – click and drag around to move the document! This is just like using the Hand tool from the toolbox, but a lot faster.

    P.S. It could take a while to get to 100. 😉

  3. What would be cool is if the winner could send you guys a dummy of a website and you do the coding xD

    OK so..Applying a Lens Flare does’nt necessarily makes you’r work stand out 😛

  4. @admin, thanks for the tip, I always hated it that it didn’t go back any further 🙂

    Quickly want to desaturize something? Use Control+Shift+U. Note: It might look like black and white, but it’s pretty much just gray tone, so not real black and white image i suppose.

    And besides from that, your subscribers counter is broken, im still getting the RSS feed tough, but it says 0 subscribers.

  5. @COOKIE
    that was going to be my next competition :p

    @helpfull hand
    sorry had to delete your 2nd post (not allowed 2 posts togther). ALSO regarding the RSS feeds, google has took over feedburner and i recently changed over for some reason google hasnt ironed out the creases yet. They said 72 hours 🙁 but still not fixed. many sites had the same problems

  6. @ADMIN
    I can’t believe Google would let something like that happen! 😛 Then again, they did mark all their sites as malware the other day…

    Learn to use shortcut keys in Photoshop – they can save you a lot of time! For example, if you want to make a selection with a marquee tool, press M. If you want to use the Move tool, press V.

  7. @SHAN,

    read the rules. you can post as many times as you want, just as long as your posts arnt together. there has to be someone infront of you before you can post again.

  8. The first copy of Photoshop, Photoshop 1.0, was a small product only for macintosh and sales of only 200 copies. Now, 20 years later Photoshop is considered the most dominate of raster grahpic applications.

    btw: fun contest!

  9. Photoshop was originally intended to just touch up photos, but now it is being used to create websites, make posters, and almost everything else possible with images!

  10. Adobe is trying to get people to stop using the word “photoshopping” since if people continue to do that then it will fall under public usage.

  11. It’s not pointless. The tips in the comments would be great for all.


  12. ALT / Option + Backspace will fill the document with the foreground colour and CTRL / CMND + Backspace will fill it with the background colour

  13. If you hold CTRL+ALT and drag an image, it will make a duplicate. Much quicker than having to Right click layer and hit duplicate.

  14. simple shortcuts for the narrow minded
    ctrl + a =SELECT ALL, ctrl + D=DESELECT ALL, ctrl + x=CUT, ctrl + c=COPY, ctrl + v=PASTE, ctrl + shift + alt + s= save for web and devices, ctrl + s=SAVE, ctrl + n = new layout, ctrl + o= open file, alt + shift + ctrl + o =open as

  15. Ok, then ill make my addition to Admin now:

    You can go back more steps using Ctrl+Alt+Z
    But you can jump 1 step foward again by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z
    And with Ctrl+Z you will jump straight to the last step you made.

  16. Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990 for Macintosh exclusively.

    Nice idea with the introduction of competitions. I’m a huge fan of this site (i’ve learnt so much) and think competitions add yet another reason for me to drop by daily.

  17. I’m not sure if it is the case with CS3 or higher but in CS2 if you hold ALT and click “about photoshop” in help at the top of the window it shows you what photoshop was originally called.

  18. it is going to take a long time to get to 100 posts…

    My first experience with photoshop was version 5.5 before then I was using jasc paint shop pro.

  19. I’v been making web pages now for 3 years & now that i’v found this site i know a lot more about making them the right way thank you.

  20. I have an idea to speed up the countdown! If its cool with “admin” that is! Photoshop Newbies like myself, (or anyone for that matter) can post generic photoshop questions and have them answered by other folks. That way, the quest for knowledge would be the driving force behind this competition and everyone wins at the end. Only one person will win the prize… but a whole bunch of us will gain some valuable knowlege. So here’s my first question:

    Whats the “standard”, or most widely used pixel “width” for web layouts created in photoshop? I’ve seen 750, 960, 1000, and 1020…. but I’m not sure which to use for my mock up designs!

  21. @JOE sounds like a good idea 😉

    and the answer to your question is…..

    The most popular resolution on most internet users computers is still 1024×768 as stated by W3 SCHOOL hourly statistics, so anything up to 850 pixels wide would be your best choice.

    there is a website you can use called browsershots http://browsershots.org/ this will take screenshots in all major browsers in the sizes you specify so you’l no what fits and works the best.

    hope this helps

  22. What would be the best way for me to learn how to code? I am a beginner what I mainly do is edit coding to fit my needs for make divs etc and then get confused xD.

    I made http://www.artisticslurpee.com all with divs and its confusing and my friend on his really high resolution screen says its not centered for him but it is for me.

  23. What kind of RSS feed you mean? One that automaticly generates a message when you add a tutorial? Or one that you got to change by changing an RSS file and then upload it trough FTP and for example let it get parsed by FeedBurner?

  24. .RevO: first you must learn html and css http://www.html.net/

    once you learn html and css you should beable to use div’s easily and if any problems occur when your using div’s then google your problem.

    also use tutorialized.com to get tutorials on all sorts of things including html, css, php, javascript, etc…

    also this site is really usefull for photoshop and css tutorials

  25. OK answer this and we’ll get some more comments….What do you prefer, Mac or PC??

    Personally, I’ve been using a PC all my life and about 4 years ago I bought my first mac, now I have 3..For me, working with mac is much more smooth and easy when I’m working on new designs

  26. @ADMIN…. thanks! That Helped!
    Another question… I was working on some of your layout tutorials and noticed you used different pixel widths for the canvas size of several of your layouts (i.e. 800, 900, 850, 950) …. does that matter! I guess what I’m trying to figure out here is whether or not there’s a specific width that I have use for my layouts.

    Question #2: Can anyone tell me how i can draw out a rectangle or square with a specific pixel size in PhotoShop when using the rectangle tool ? Is there a field box where i can enter a specific size when drawing it out instead of having to eyeball it?

  27. @JOE: Q1:

    If im creating a website with a width of 800px i generally always make it slightly bigger say 850 or even 900px as i like a big working space. 😉


    When you click the rectangular marquee tool there is a box at the top “style” click that then click “fixed size”, enter your dimensions in the boxes, dont forget to put “PX” = pixels “PT” = points “CM” = cm etc… etc…

    hope this helps

  28. When making websites, I usually make it in dimensions of 960px as in 960 grid system but don’t actually use it. I fins make it this way makes it compatible with screen resolutions of all sizes.

  29. hey i thought everyone would spam but i am surprised to see such useful comments which are going to help me a lot in future!! Thanks everyone 😉

    I am a regular visitor of hv-designs.co.uk since this site was launched and i am really happy to see such a good progress this site has made so i would like to congratulate the owner for such a nice effort!!

    Keep it up 🙂

  30. I am hopefully getting a macbook in a few months and look forward to designing on that but I was wondering if people preferred mac or pc and why?

    Also, for current designers: When using Photoshop for logo design, what are the main tools you use? e.g. the pen tool most or…?

  31. @.RevO:

    the best way to design a web 2.0 site in my view is ‘just keep it simple’. Simple colours, simple gradients, simple logo’s and font and most importantly, simple navigation.

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