Good evening everyone, this past couple of days ive been sorting out a new design for my portfolio. I’ve had loads of e-mails asking if i have one. I did have one a while back but took it offline as i wasnt really doing much design work. Well now here is the new and improved portfolio, contains ONLY my recent work as all others were lost unfortunetly. Heres a preview.

The portfolio is indeed online check it out and let me no what you think.

Many Thanks.

EDIT UPDATED 17/02/09 @ 17:57
+ Added lightbox support
+ Fixed menu buttons
+ Made images clickable

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  1. Hi!

    Unfortunately, I have problems with your website. Besides the fact, that I don’t really like the switching around of the link titles on mouse over, always when I click on one, the whole page gets… kinda… I don’t know how to explain, where can I send a screenshot to?
    When I go to another tab and switch back to your page, the effect is gone. But yours is the only site where this happens, do you adjust any resolution with javascript? I use FF3 on Mac by the way.

    And, I also don’t like the screenshots of your work open in a new window – why don’t you use a modal window? I mean, I’m not a professional webdesigner, these points might be worthless, but… That’s what I don’t like.

    Actually, I’m very sorry, but there isn’t anything where I’d really say “Hey, that’s great”. I love your designs you do here, also the hv-designs design, you really do great stuff and I’m amazed by your work you show there (especially by the cars), but the homepage itself doesn’t impress me. Ok, you might say, it should be kept simple. That’s true, but a little usability like with these screenshots would be very nice.

    Oh, and I don’t know how to log in here any more… where can I do that?

    Greetings from Canada


  2. I can’t say i’m too keen on the navigation but other than that a fantastic site. Great graphically, well laid out, easy to navigate. Very nice indeed.

  3. The alt=”…” from the HV-Designs Header (the one that looks like Redbitz), is alt=”Test Header”, good thing to change that in HV-Designs, for slow internet connections or when the image link might ever break…
    And how about a link at the Top nav bar of this website, so where suggestions is aswell?

  4. And 2 other suggestions:
    1. How about making the images in your portfolio clickable?
    2. How about making the imageclick and the launch image button, give that java script effect that darkens the whole page, shows a white or black box witch has a loading thing in it, and when the image is loaded the box expands and shows (with a fade in effect) the picture?
    So the effect you see on multiple photoshop websites, looks alot neater than just an image link.

    send screen shot to, im currently sorting out jquery lightbox or something along those lines for the images, instead of opening in a new window. as for the design its only to showcase the work that ive done, i dont people to focus on the design of my portfolio more than the work that ive done if you no what i mean.

    many thanks for your comments.

    thanks for telling me about the ALT=”..” i forgot all about those., as for the link at the top on hv-designs, im working on it hahaha you wouldnt believe how busy i am. in your 2nd comment i think your on about lightbox, im working on it. 😉

    MANY thanks for your suggestions, i can only improve on what i have already done, i take all your comments on board, i can only say visit it again soon when some changes have been made and let me no what you think again 🙂

  6. A sign of a good portfolio is how the content is showcased, not the site itself, it’s the content that matters. As a potential client or employer, i want to know what that designer has been up-to and what skills or services they offer.

    Yours Richard hits the nail right on the head! Clean, professional, easy navigation and what you have been doing and what you have to offer is right there for all to see. Can’t wait to see more of your content.

    – Neil

  7. Very slick portfolio!

    One thought I had was that the Logo Design only had “none yet”, which made me wonder why there was a logo design tab, unless you just haven’t updated the page yet.

    I really do like the design though! Very professional.

    Those car designs are really nice too.

  8. there was a logo there but the company who i made it for asked me to take it down untill there website was fully up and running and in operation.

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