Affiliate Buttons Tutorial

Create a new document “88×31”, fill the background with your desired color.

Then goto “layer > new > layer from background”. Now add your text.

Now select your background layer and add these layer styles.

Now select the “rectangular marquee tool” draw out a rectangle like the image shown below and color it white.

Last but not least set the opacity of the white box to about 30% Thats it all done. Your final image should look like this.

Anime Shading Pt2 Tutorial

Continuing on from part 1 (coloring anime) now il show you how do add the shading. Now remember in anime the light will only come from one direction, so your going to have to think real hard where the shadows might lie. Start off by selecting all the shadow area on the skin. (marked in green).

Now color the selection a slightly darker color than the base color.

Now do the same with the clothes.

Now last but not least the hair.

Thats it all done, hope you’ve learned a few things and dont get all angry if it doesnt go to plan the 1st time it takes alot of practice.

Anime Coloring Pt1 Tutorial

For this example ive chosen a randam anime girl. Firstly lets create our background, Ive chosen a pink gradient.

Now place your drawing over the background layer and set the blending options to multiply. Now everything that we’ll be coloring will be placed under our sketch drawing. (THIS IS IMPORTANT). Select your skin color and the magic wand tool. Start by selecting the skin hold down shift on the keyboard to select multiple areas.

Once selected goto “select > modify > expand” and expand by 1pixel. Create a new layer under your sketch layer, label it “skin” then on the new layer color your selection with your chosen color.

Follow the steps above for every color, placing the colors under the lines each time also dont forget to expand by 1 pixel.

Learn how to add shading to create an anime look. “CLICK HERE”

Lexus Lights Tutorial

Open up your car image and select your desired cutting tool, i shall use the pen tool.
Select the whole back light.

Now with the light selected, and still with your desired cutting tool hold down the “ALT” key on your keyboard and cut around the lights in the middle. (may not be required to do this depending on type of lights).

Now goto “image > adjustments > channel mixer” and put a tick in the box at the bottom.

Thats it all done

Simplistic Orbs Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600, Choose a dark colored background ive choosen this as mine.

Select your “elliptical marquee tool” and draw out a circle (size depends on how big you want the orb).

Now add these layer styles. Change the colors to some colors of your choice to suit your design etc…

You should have something like this.

Now select your “elliptical marquee tool” once again and draw out a “white circle”.

Set opacity to about 20%, then add a layer mask. Mask the white circle so it blends in nicely.

Do the same again following the steps above, adding another bigger circle at the top and a smaller one at the bottom also setting the opacity to suit. You should end up with this.

Thats it all done a nice simple orb, all thats left is to add a logo of some sort. Heres a few i done earlier.

Vista Wallpaper Tutorial

Create a new document “1280×1204” (or your desired screen resolution). Color your background with a gradient using the colors #004061 and #006193.

Select your “elliptical marquee tool” and draw out a circle.

Now add these layer styles.

You should then end up with something like this.

Select your “elliptical marquee tool” again and draw another circle over the top just alittle bit bigger than the 1st one, with it still selected goto “select > modify > contract” and contract it by 50 pixels (depending on how big your resolution is).

Now add these layer styles to it.

You should have something like this.

Now we need a windows logo i got mine from google images. Copy & paste your windows logo onto your canvas and position in the middle of your orb. (If your logo has a white background then just delete it with your prefered tool).

Now add these layer styles to the logo.

You should now have something like this.

Select your “elliptical marquee tool” again and draw out a circle at the top of your orb, color it white. Also set the opacity to 25%, Then mask the layer. You should end up with something like this.

Do the same again but draw out an even bigger circle, and set opacity to 20%. The result is in the image below.

Thats it all finished heres my final result but ive added the text to the orb and some smaller orbs around it.


Credit Card Tutorial

Create a new document “500×300” with a gradient background.

Select the “rounded rectangular tool”

Draw out your card shape onto a new layer, then select the pen tool, “right-click” on your rectangle and click “make selection”. Then select your card colors ive choosen #d50000 and #000000, fill your card with the gradient. Then add the following layer styles.

Should then have something like this.

Select the type tool and the font “garamond” and type your bank name and the word credit card in the top left corner. (ive also add the banks logo just by drawing out a few triangles).

Now lets create the credit cards pattern and text watermark, goto a stock images site or google images and grab your self a map of the world. (try and find a black and white map or a greyish colored map, something that aint to complicated). Copy & paste it into your document, then move the layer just above your card layer, resize your map if you have to make it smaller.

Set your maps blending mode to “color burn”. Your image should then look like this.

Now select the type tool and type out your banks name on a few lines. Then click on this icon at the top of your screen.

Once the box opens click in the drop down menu box and select “wave”.

Your text should then be transformed like this.

Set the opacity to about 40%.

Now select your “elliptical marquee tool” and draw out 2 cirles the same size, color one red and the other orange, then the circles together so they overlap slightly.

Add the following layer style to the cirlces.

Now select the type tool again with the font “arial” change to bold/italic and type out the word “mastercard” and stick it over the top of the cirlces.

Select the type too again and type your account number, valid dates and name onto your card.

Now add these layer styles to the account number, valid dates and name.

Thats it all done. Heres the final image.

3D Photo Tutorial

Open up a photo in photoshop, make a new layer, then select the “rectangular marquee tool” and draw a rectangle over your photo fill it with the color white, with the rectangle still selected goto “select > modify > contract” and contract by 15-20 pixels, then hit the delete key. Goto “edit > transform > perspective” transform the photo frame like the image below.

Select the “magic wand tool” and select the inner part of the photo frame.

Select your background layer while it is selected then press “ctrl + c” then “ctrl + v”. Hide your background layer ensuring your photo frame layer is ontop of the of the bit you just copied and pasted. You should have something like this.

Set your opacity on your photo frame layer to 50% to make it easier to do the next step. Unhide your background layer and cut out the other half of the image that will be jumping out of the picture. ive also cut out the shadow to save me making my own.

Once selected goto “select > inverse” and hit the delete key. Now move this layer ontop of your photo frame. layer you should have something like this.

Now its just a case of creating a new background to finish the image. Heres mine

Using The Displace Tool Tutorial

Open up your image in Photoshop For this tutorial i have selected a wavy fabric. Although you free to experiment with your own type of image.

Goto “file > save as” to save your work and then save a duplicate of your PSD into a separate file, call it it whatever.psd. This will be used later in the tutorial, but for now just close the duplicate and work on your original image.

select the “type tool” and type a word onto the canvas.

Right-click on the type layer in the layer palette and select “rasterize layer” from the dropdown menu.

Then with the type layer still selected goto “filter > distort > displace” use the preset settings then click ok. When you click ok you should then get another window pop up, select the whatever.psd image you saved in step 1. This is how mine looks at this point.

Now add some layer styles, lower the opacity abit correct any stretched bits, and your left with something like this.

Quick Cartooning Tutorial

Open up your image into photoshop, duplicate your image in the layers window then goto “filter > artistic > poster edges”. Use standard settings, press ok. Then lighten the image abit by going to “image adjustments > brightness & contrast” increase the brighness by about 10-15 pixels and increase the contrast by about 25-30 pixels. (settings depends on type of image, lightness etc… you may not get the same result as mine)

Now goto “filter > artistic > cutout”. Here you will have to play around with the settings to archeve the right effect, here are the settings i used and my final result.

If you would like a more advanced way to cartoon, i suggest you try my tracing and cartooning tutorials.