Mini Layout #1 Tutorial

Create a new document 800×600 and fill you background layer with the color “#262626”. Create a new layer and label it “header”, select the rectangular marquee tool and make a selection at the top of your canvas like so.

Select your gradient tool and fill with a gradient.

Create a new layer “under” your header layer and label it “colored bar”, Select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a smaller rectangle under your header and color it with an orange gradient. Then add a 1 pixel black stroke to it. you should have something like this.

Add your title, slogan, logo and navigation.

Now select the rounded rectangle tool and draw out an area for your main content and apply a 1 pixel orange stroke to it.

Add some content and label your main area box.

Now to finish it off add your important information into a footer.

Click Here for a bigger version.

Software Layout #1 Tutorial

Create a new document sized 800×800 pixels with a white background. Start off with our site title and slogan and a little quick navigation. Add the title and slogan at the top left hand corner and the quick navigation at the top right hand corner. You should have something like this.

Lets also add some phone support underneath our quick navigation.

Select the rectangular marquee tool and draw out a rectangle under your title and text.

Fill the rectangle with a gradient having the color “#e5e5e5” as your foreground, also draw out 2 1pixel lines above it coloring one line black and one line white. Put the white line under the black line.

Place your software box & cd display over the rectangle, slightly in the middle. If you don’t have a software box you can create one from a tutorial ive previously created. The cd was made using “elliptical marquee tool”.

Lets also add a reflection under our software box and cd, if you don’t no how to do reflections then i suggest you do “my reflections tutorial”. Lets also add some text and titles to sell our product.

Now lets create our buttons. Duplicate your rectangle you created in step2 and scale it down to button size and add a 1pixel stroke using the color “#cfcfcf”.

Now duplicate you button 4 times so you have 5 buttons, then place them under each other.

Place all 5 buttons next to your software box and label them.

Lets also add some logos next to them, go to your custom shapes from the shapes menu.

Select “custom shape tool” then at the top in your tool bar select shape then the type of shape you would like. Once selected drag it out onto your canvas on a new layer, select your desired color, select the pen tool then right click and go to “fill path”.

Yet again duplicate your rectangle we created in step2 and place it under your software box & information.

Label out 3 columns for your information that you will add later.

Then add some kind of a separator to separate the 3 columns and a footer. The separators are just grey lines with a masked added to them and the footer is the same but without the mask.

Now add the all important information onto the footer.

That’s it all done
here’s the final piece.

Clan Website Design Tutorial

Start a new document size 800×600 with a background color of #131313. Select the “rectangular marquee tool” and draw a rectangle three quarters of the way down from the top fill with the color #222222 and add a 1 pixel black stroke to it. You should have something like this.

Now draw a rectangle at the top about 20-25 pixels high and as wide as your document, fill this rectangle with a gradient 2 types of grey also add a 1 pixel black stoke. You should have something like this.

Select the type tool and add some important text like this.

Now go to google images or a wallpaper gaming site and get some images of the game your clan is about, ive chosen a counter strike image i found on google. Copy/paste & resize your chosen image to fit into the right side of our bigger rectangle we created in step1, also add a mask and drag your gradient over the image so the right side of the image blends in with the background. Here’s how mine looks.

Also on my travels i found some 3D models of some counter-strike characters which ive cut out and placed on my rectangle.

Now lets add our clan title, logo and slogan, select the type tool and type your slogan and name of clan and place it next to where the models are, please experiment with the layer styles, ive just added a 1 pixel stroke onto my main title and used the counter-strike logo for my logo. Here’s mine.

Select the rectangular marquee tool again and draw a rectangle under your clan images fill with a gradient (2 types of grey). Also add a 1 pixel black stroke. This will be our navigation, also add your site sections like server details, links etc…

We could also add maybe some little graphics by the side of our text to make our navigation abit more interesting. The little graphics are just the counter-stike logo resized down and inverted with the opacity lowered.

The main part has been done, the content il leave for you to do but here are two examples ive made for you to look at. My content boxes are just light grey rectangles with a 1 pixel stoke. Off course there are many ways you can make good looking content boxes, just let your imagination do the thinking. (click images for a bigger version)

Text On A Path Tutorial

Create a new document, im using 400×500 pixels for this example. Select the pen tool and draw your path that you want the text to follow.

Select the text type tool and hover it over your path untill your cursor changes. Like this.

When it changes click with your mouse button, you should then see your flashing text cursor (the line that blinks). Now type what ever you need to type.

Software Box Tutorial

Create a new document 500×500 pixels, create 2 new layers one called “spine” and label the other “main” on the main layer draw out a box 274 x 385 pixels and on the spines layer draw out a box 66×385 pixels, draw the boxes with the “rectangular marquee tool”. Then add a 1 pixel black stroke to both and postion them like so.

Now goto work and create your images & text for the box, keeping within the black lines. Here’s what i came up with.

When your finished merge all layers apart from the background layer so your left with this.

Now select your “rectangular marquee tool” and select the spine.

Then goto “edit > cut” then “edit > paste” you should now have the spine and the front of the box on 2 seperate layers. Repostion them side by side then select the layer your front box is on and goto “edit > transform > distort” using the two top and bottom right handles distort the box to look like this.

Then do the same to the spine.

Thats it all done.

Magnify Tutorial

Firstly find an image of a magnifying glass either from google or from a stock photo site like Once you have your magnifying glass, cut it out including the inner lens with your prefered tool.

Now open up your image you want to magnify, resize it down as we will be using the larger version for the lens, paste your magnifying glass onto your image and resize it to suite your image dimensions.

Now create a new layer under your magnifying glass layer and paste your larger version background on to it, using the “circular selection tool” draw a circle the rough shape of the magnifying glass lens then goto “select > transform selection” resize your circle and get it as close to the inner edge of the magnifying glass as you can, once your happy hit enter key. With your selection still active click your larger background layer then goto “select > inverse selection” then hit the delete key, you should then be left with something like this.

Select the blending options for your current selected layer and add a “inner shadow” and a “stroke” using settings below.

We should also add a drop shadow to give a more realistic apprearance.

Photo Slide Tutorial

Start a new document 125 x 95 pixels depending on how big you want the animation window. Then open up your image you want to animate, if its a high resolution image id resize the image to about 1024 x 768 or even 800 x 600 if you prefer. “copy” your photo or what ever image your using and “paste” it into your 125 x 95 document. Then goto “file > edit in ImageReady”

Once your image/photo has loaded up in “adobe imageready” you should have a layout like this.

Now in the top window where you see the actual size of your image drag your image to your 1st starting point, this will be the image the animation plays first.

Now select frame 1 and click “duplicate current frame”.

Then click frame 2 and move your image to another part of the photo by draging it in the top window.

Then duplicate your second frame and move your image again to another part of the photo.

Do the above steps as many times as you want depending on how many places/faces/things etc… you want the animation to look at.

Now click frame 1 then click on the “tween button”, Use settings in the below picture.

You will notice now that you have an extra 5 frames infront of frame 1 this is our tween between frame 1 and what was your frame 2. Now you need to find your frame 2 to which should be frame 7. Select frame 7 and do the same as above. This is how my time line looks.

Now if you look under your frames you should see “0 sec” this is a delay before the next image is shown, we need to set 3 delays on frames 1, 7 and 13. Click “0 sec” and change to “1.0”.

If you click the play button you can see how it plays. All thats needed now is to save as a .gif. Goto “file > save optimized as”

Heres mine.

Tracing Tutorial

Open up your image that you want to trace, then goto “layer > new > layer from background” rename this layer “original” then create 2 more layers one called “white” and the other one called “lines” your layers pallet should look like this.

Now select your “white layer” and fill it with the color white by using the paint bucket tool. Once filled hide that layer, i do this so we can see how our line drawing is going by hiding and unhiding the layer.

Select your orginal layer and goto “image > adjustments > brightness/contrast” and brighten your layer by about +50, this makes it easier to see the lines. (well i think so anyway).

Select your brush tool and select a “1 pixel” “black” brush. Now select lines layer and then the pen tool and just start tracing. (zooming in will help for tricky bits)

Here is the shoulder from the picture im am tracing, notice the marker points created by the pen tool.

Dont try and select everything all in one go, just do bits at a time. Once you have traced abit of the image right-click and goto “stroke path”.

This will then create a 1 pixel line where your points were, then after that right-click again and goto delete path.

If you “unhide” your “white” layer you will see the line you have created.

Once you have done the whole image you should have something like this.

Anime Style Background Tutorial

Create a new document what ever size you prefer to work with, il be using 800 x 600, set your forground color to white and background color to black. Then do the following steps
“filter > render > clouds”
“filter > render > difference clouds”
“image > adjustments > invert”
“image > adjustments > levels”
When the levels window opens up drag the small arrow in the middle to the right. Like this.

Now go to “filter > blur > motion blur” set amount of pixels to 999 then press “ctrl + F” to apply same effect again. You should have something like this.

Now lets add some color, press “ctrl + u” put a tick in the colorize box at the bottom then use the sliders to select your color. Now duplicate your layer and set the new layer to “color dodge” you might find the color to be abit bright or nasty looking, if you do just colorize the 2 layers with “ctrl + u” you will be suprised the difference to colors can make. Heres my end result and the two colors i used.

Both colors combined equals

Rocket Tutorial

Create a new document 640×480 then select the “pen tool” and draw out the tail shape, once drawn out use stroke path. heres how mine looks, feel free to use mine as a guide.

Now lets add abit of detail to it like the booster at the back and the small wings, still with the pen tool draw the wings and the booster, fill the booster in black, you should have something like below, yet again feel free to use mine as a guide.

Doesnt look like much now, but will look good when we’ve finished, lets move onto the body, again with the pen tool draw out the body like shape, like this.

Now lets add the wings, just draw triangular shapes, try and imagine how it would look in your mind to get a good visual. heres mine. Where the wings have over lapped the body of the rocket i just rubbed the lines out with a 1 pixel rubber.

Now lets create the nose, with the pen tool just make like a half circle shape.

Next step is add some color, create a new layer and select the “magic wand” tool and select the nose, then fill with the color white, select the body and color it grey and select the tail and color it orange. Making sure the colors are on a sperate layer to the lines we drew. Once you have filled your selections double click on the layer that your lines are on and add a 1 pixel black stroke, you should have something like this.

Looks kind of dull at the minute so lets add some shading, select the pen tool again then draw along half the side of the rocket.

Then make a selection then make a new layer called shadows and fill with a dark grey color (#515151) then set the shadows layer to overlay. you should then have something like this.

Create a new layer called “highlights” then make small selections along the top of the rocket and fill them with the color white.

You should 5 layers in total, heres how my layers pallet looks.

Thats it all done, now just add a few more things to make yours.