Reflection Tutorial

Open your image you want to add your reflection to, im using a picture of my car you will notice ive already cut the background out and stuck the car onto a gradient background, also rasied the picture a touch to make enough room for reflection. Ive renamed my layers as follows
gradient background = background
my car = car

Once you’ve preped your image duplicate the layer you want to add the reflection to in my case i duplicated the “car layer” ive renamed the new layer reflection, once renamed move underneath the car layer, my layers pallet looks like this.

Vertically flip your reflection layer “edit > transform > flip vertical” then postion it underneath your picture where you think the reflection will be, like this.

Now add a mask to the reflection layer, like this.

Now select the “gradient tool” & set your forground color to black, then in the gradent options box select “forground to transparent”

Now drag the gradient from the bottom of the canvas half way up to the image you should have an image like below.

Now adjust the “opacity” to about 25% depending on how much you want to reflect, thats it all done! now let your imagination go wild.

Animated Shine Effect Tutorial

Start off with your image you want to add the shine effect to, im going to use a signature i prevously made in another tutorial. select the “text tool” and write your text best to use a darkish color im going to use a greyish gradient color. like this.

Create a new layer then select the “polygonal lasso tool” and make a selection like this.

Now select the color white as your forground and select the “gradient tool” then select the color white to transparent in the gradient options.

Now start from the right click and drag towards the left like this.

Now with it still selected press “CTRL + X” to cut the selection and delete the layer u created, now while pressing “CTRL” click on your text layer to make a selection like this.

Now with the text later selected press “shift + CTRL + v” which will paste into the text layer, you should have something like the image below. Now your ready to add the animation so click “file > edit in image ready” OR “shift + CTRL + m”

Before we start make sure you got the animations window open, to check see image below

You should have 2 tiny images in your layers pallette on layer 1 make sure the one on the right is selected.

Now move the white gradient all the way over to the leftso it cant be seen, see image below.

Now click “duplicate current frame” in the animation timeline window.

You should now have 2 frames, with frame 2 selected move your white gradient to the other end of your image.

Now click frame 1 and click the tween button.

You will get a new window popup its pretty straight forward just use my settings.

Now you will see more frames have been created, thats your animation, you are now ready to save so click “file > save optimized as” and save to your hard drive you should have a little animation like below.

Car Style Forum Signature Tutorial

Open at least two pictures of your car or cars, then make a new document 600×100 with a white background, im using 2 images from google “jetta R GT”
Now copy and paste your two car pictures into your new document, and resize them to fit like this.

Now select the layer with the 1st picture on it (the picture on the left) and select the rectangular marquee tool, zoom in close and draw a box around the 1st set of pixels like this.

Now with the 1st few pixels selected zoom back out to the actual size, then press “CTRL + T” and drag the picture to the end of the canvas, you might have to do this twice as you might run out of screen, if so just drag it out apply changes and press “CTRL + T” again and drag it out again untill you reach the end of the canvas.

you should then have something like this

Now drag the layer with your 2nd picture on it and drag to the top of your layers pallette so its on top of everything. Now start to cut around the car with the pen tool, ive also drawn around the shadow aswell just to add that little extra touch you should have something like this.

Now we have to delete the background, so with the car still selected press “SHIFT + CTRL + I” this will inverse the selection, then hit the delete key, you should now have something like this.

With the layer still selected change the opacity to about 75%.

Now lets add some text, go grab your text tool and write what ever you want, i normally put my nickname on my sigs, heres mine.

Ive also add some layer effects to my text just to give it that extra kick, just use your imagination, i often just use colors already in the pictures so it all matches.

Now merge all the layers excluding the text layers and add a 1 pixel black inside stroke to the picture to give it a 1 pixel black border (you might need to duplicate the background layer so there is no padlock by the side)

Here is the finished peice.

Respray Tutorial

Open your image of your car, im going to use my focus st vmod that ive prevously done.
Once its opened duplicate the layer “background” and rename your duplicated layer to new color.

Now with the “new color” layer selected, select the pen tool and start drawing round the car, making selections to the bits you want to change the color of, also make sure you dont select other things like the grills, wheels, windows etc… and take your time, it is a slow process but you will get there. (im not going to explain how to use the pen tool, but if you got “HERE” there is a good tutorial to explain it. )

Once you’ve gone round the whole car you should have something like this.

Now for the color, keep it selected and goto the toolbar at the top and click “image > adjustments > hue/saturation” or alternatively “ctrl + u”

Now with the new dialog open put a “tick” in the “colorize” box. now drag the “hue” slider all the way to the left or type in “0”, now slide the “saturation” slider in the middle or type in a number, like “60” your car should now be a red color.

Move both sliders to obtain different colors, you can basically make any color from the sliders. when your happy with your color click ok.

Now press “ctrl + D” to deselect, you might need to touch up in places where the old color shows throu, also if theres things like reflections in floors and metals dont forget to change the reflection color.

Glossy Metal Text Tutorial

Create a new canvas 400 pixels wide and 133 pixels high with background colour #212121
Change the foreground colour to #DCDCDC and choose the font for your text. I’ve chosen “SF GRUNGE SANS BOLD” but most fonts will work (the bolder the better – try to avoid light fonts). Set the font size to 72pt and the anti-aliasing to Strong. Type HV-DESIGNS onto the canvas or what ever you feel is fit.

Add an Outer Glow layer style like this:

Your canvas should look like this:

Add an Inner Glow layer style like this:

Your canvas should look like this:

Add a Gradient Overlay layer like this:

Your canvas will look like this:

Add a Stroke layer like this:

Your canvas should look like this:

Right-Click the HV-DESIGNS layer and choose Duplicate Layer… Name the layer to Outline and click OK. In the layer panel drag the Outline layer so it is underneath the HV-DESIGNS layer but above the Background layer. Right-click the Outline layer and choose Clear Layer Styles. Set the Fill of this layer to 0%.

Add an Outer Glow layer style to the outline layer like this:

Your canvas should look like this:

Add a Stroke layer style to the outline layer like this:

Your canvas should look like this:

Create a new layer above the HV-DESIGNS layer and name it Highlight. With the Highlight layer selected hold down Ctrl and left-click the HV-DESIGNS layer to select the layer’s transparency. The canvas will look like this:

Set the foreground colour to #FFFFFF and select the Fill tool. Fill the selected area of the Outline layer and set the layer opacity to 50% so it looks like this:

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the bottom half of the Highlight layer like this:

Press Delete. It is now finished and should look like this:

Now experiment abit to achieve better results LIKE THIS:

Header Tutorial

Create a new document with a width of 800 pixels X 125 pixels.

Select two colors that you want to use as your header im going to use to shades of red in this example.

Select the gradient tool and fill you document by clicking at the bottom of the picture and draggin your mouse up towards the top. you should have somthing like this.

Now select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a rectangle round the top of your header.

Now were going to fill the rectangle with your darkiest color that you chose for the header gradient. BUT before we fill lets create a new layer in the layers panel, once you’ve created your new layer rename it as “red bar” or what ever you want to call it then fill your rectangle with the paint bucket tool. once filled press CTRL + D to unselect the rectangle.

Now that you’ve filled the rectangle lets add some layer stlyes to it so double click the “red bar” layer and add a black 1 pixel stroke like this.

Now lets add some text, select the text tool and write your website name a the top like this. ive chosen the color white for my text as i think it works well on a red background.

ive used the font “Tahoma” size 10 and in bold
Now the opposite side add the some more text this write “home”

Now lest add some more text as the main title, im going to use a different font thats abit more funky, like this

font i used in this example is “SF Grunge Sans SC”

Now the main title header is in place lets add some styles.
on mine ive added

dark red 3 pixel stroke
gradient overlay using 2 selections of grey
drop shadow

nows the time for you to be creative and create a style of your own.

Now im going to add a slight reflection to my title to do this we “duplicate” our text layer and rasterize it.
to duplicate it right-click on your title layer and click duplicate layer (press okay on the follow up dialog) then right click the duplicated layer and click rasterize type.

now that its duplicated and rasterized goto “edit > transform > flip vertical”
then move the duplicated layer underneath the original layer (just click & drag)
then move the text underneath the original text like this.

with the duplicated layer selected click “add layer mask” like this

now goto the gradient tool make sure white is selected (should be selected by default)
and click just at the top of text and drag down to the bottom of the document see black line on the image below.

now adjust the opacity to about 45%

now lets add a simple navigation bar to our header, if you want to leave your header how it is dont continue with the tutorial.

create a new layer and label it “navbar”
with the “navbar” layer selected select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a small rectangle at the bottom right corner like this

fill the rectangle with a gradient and add a “bevel & emboss” layer style with these settings.

then create a layer mask and select the gradient tool. Then click a quarter of the way down the navbar and drag towards the title text (see image below)

now thats done add some text like this

create a new layer called “lines” or somthing simlar
then zoom in by 600% and draw 2 1 pixel lines (using the rectangle marquee tool) next to each other and fill them with 2 colors the same as your site one light and one dark, like this

once you’ve done the one just duplicate the layer till you’ve put em across the nav bar then merge the line layers with CTRL + E and adjust the opacity by 50%
you should then have something like this.